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Upcoming Conference: Wide World of Waste

Just a quick update to announce that my next upcoming speaking engagement will be at the Wide World of Waste in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. The conference is being held October 3-5 and is hosted by the Recycling Council of Alberta.

I’ll be talking trash at the Wide World of Waste conference in beautiful Jasper, Alberta.

I’ll be presenting my research on what zero waste means as a theoretical concept compared to what zero waste means in practice with some Canadian examples. My research explores zero waste theory as a set of seven essential elements which you can check out right here and through the column on the right.

Having previously presented in Chicago and Australia, this will be my first Canadian speaking gig so I’m excited to delve into the Canadian trash for once! Getting out to Alberta will also allow for this urban bandit to connect with nature once again.

If you’ve got any experiences or examples of zero waste in Canada please share!