About: Who is urban bandit?

The Urban Bandit aka Candice Anderson

*Master in Environmental Studies, M.A., Area of Concentration: Urban Environmental Policies and Programs | York University, Toronto, Canada

*Media, Information and Technoculture, B.A., Honours | University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Urban bandit aka Candice Anderson is an environmentalist and big city girl from Toronto, Canada. Since 2009, Candice has researched urban environmental public policies and programs with a particular focus on zero waste initiatives. The majority of her research has focused on defining zero waste as a theoretical concept which has led to the development of the seven essential elements of zero waste. These essential elements provide a foundation upon which zero waste practices and other environmentally focused actions and products can be evaluated.

This urban bandit blog provides a public forum to distribute knowledge of the ideological and institutional systems that create and facilitate the production of waste. In addition, urban bandit will investigate how everyday products and actions that claim to be environmentally beneficial measure up to to the seven essential elements of zero waste. Within all cases, a broad perspective will be adopted to identify the less obvious impacts of waste and suggest unconventional and visionary solutions.

Candice’s knowledge of waste and urban environmental issues was refined through the completion of the Master in Environmental Studies program at York University in Toronto. Her interest and knowledge of the political economy and media come from her undergraduate degree in Media, Information and Technoculture, from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. In addition, Candice has had an extensive career within the Canadian cancer community with experience in communications, research, and program development. Connect with Candice on Linkedin.

What’s up with that raccoon?

Raccoons are the ultimate urban animal, fully adapted to modern-day living. They live on our streets and in our alley ways, climbing our buildings like trees and living off our discards. With a permanent mask, raccoons are the city’s outlaws, appearing at night to rummage and steal our garbage. If you’ve ever had a close encounter with a raccoon you know that they are feisty, unafraid and unwilling to back down from a fight, no matter the size or strength of their opponent. Zero waste advocates embody that same feisty attitude, determined to discover the true source of waste and unwilling to comprise on the ultimate goal of absolute elimination of waste.

Note: Raccoon graphic credit to Kate Boicourt, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.edu/imagelibrary/)

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