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Upcoming Trash Talk: The Urban Era – Comparing Challenges in the World’s Cities

Please join me on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at the University of Toronto’s 7th Annual Peace, Conflict & Justice Conference. This year’s theme is The Urban Era: Comparing Challenges in the World’s Cities and I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on Urban Environmentalism: Cities and Green Initiatives in the Global North and South.

Registration is FREE and all are welcome to come! Read more about the panel below and check out for more info and the full schedule of speakers and topics.

The Urban Environmentalism panel will cover environmental problems facing cities today by comparing Lima and San Francisco. These two cities face distinct environmental challenges; Lima experiences air pollution due to industrial and vehicle emissions, food scarcity and water contamination, while San Francisco must try and avoid the destruction of the Bay area and the nearby marshes as well as the depletion of its fisheries. This panel will look at each city’s initiatives to address these issues, such as alternative transportation, urban farming and alternative energy. Further, the panel will compare the different priorities and approaches to green issues of city dwellers in the developed world (San Francisco) and the less developed world (Lima).

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